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Welcome to Inner Journey Counseling Center

Sometimes a little help and guidance can make the difference.
Let us be the compass that navigates you to a serene way of life.

"Greg helps me understand myself and life in ways I didn't think were possible. His insight and knowledge have guided me though the toughest times of my life. He is always available, only an email or phone call away when I need to call on him."

At Inner Journey, we offer the type of help that focuses on exploring feelings, gaining insight, positive change, self understanding, and resolving conflicts. It is based on the belief that all people have the power to change and heal.

Some like to think of the work as counseling while others call it psychotherapy, but the label is not as important nor is it adequate in describing the type of work that is done here. What we do is strive to unlock a change process from deep within and we believe in a holistic and unique approach. How that is done is different for every individual, yet we believe in the healing power of the self, in the dignity of every person, and in the possibility for a better life no matter what the circumstance

Our main goal is to evoke change for the better. It is achieved on the principal that experiencing a process can be just as meaningful as the outcome itself.

In this journey, it is our hope to discover why people sometimes think, feel, and act in unsatisfying ways. Through this journey, we strive to achieve the change required to view things differently and to live a more joyful and peaceful existence with more meaning and more purpose.

For more detailed information about a powerful way to shift energy in your life and to redirect your focus, please consider my book, "The Inner Journey of Energy and Spirit: Blended Theory of Psychology and Mindfulness"
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